"We joined Justine for a days restore, recharge and reimagine retreat in June. As a team we wanted to spend a day away from our laptops, emails and endless video conferences, a day away from the daily grind to recharge ourselves and slow down. The day definitely delivered on that, set in a beautiful location in Surrey, surrounded by nature from the moment we arrived.  She introduced us to new ideas and ways to restore and recharge which took us out of our comfort zones sometimes but also reminded us of the things we take for granted everyday."

Helen Marriott, HR Director of B Corp Danone UK

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You don’t need me to tell you that employee wellbeing is the No.1 priority in 2021. Organisations across the world are searching for answers. Every day seems to be a test of our patience, judgement, talent, potential, stress levels and ability to balance.  And whilst breathwork (and Forest Bathing - see the Book A Session section) is still seen as a little quirky for business wellbeing, that outlook is rapidly shifting. Have a scroll through our Science section if you’d like to see proof it helps. 

Resilience & Immunity

Resilience and immunity are the name of the game in 2021, for everyone, no exceptions. Seventy percent of our energy source comes from oxygen, yet most people are actually only getting between 25 and 30% of the air capacity they could be, if they only earned how to breathe more efficiently.  By getting your people breathing better, they’ll begin to shift their breathing patterns which will fuel their bodies with more energy. They’ll feel calmer, their immune systems will function better, and they’ll be more resilient to stress and disease. I’m not just saying this because it sounds good, it’s what happened to me. 

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Zeitgeist & Trends

Lifestyle media brand Mind, Body, Green predicted back in 2018 that breathwork would become known as an advanced alternative to meditation. From Google to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop office, to the Navy Seals, to Russell Brand (who, let’s face it, has tried it all), the spotlight is on learning to breathe and there’s a myriad of reasons why it’s as good for business as well as for the individual. Here's a few:

  • Conscious Connected Breath requires no thinking, so literally gets you OUT of your mind and into the body. Better decision-making happens in this space. 

  • It can give you an incredible endorphin high – like the kind you get after a really great exercise session.

  • It clears unwanted, negative energy the body, which helps you recover faster from difficult situations and discussions.

  • It’s been found that better breathing helps you relate better to others – so CEOs and senior managers find that using breathwork helps them better understand customers and employees. It's easy to appreciate that this creates an all-round better company culture. 

  • It’s breathtakingly simple once you learn the basics!


Understanding your clients and customers’ needs

The recent and unfortunate demise of Debenhams, a two-hundred-year-old business, may well have occurred because the senior management team failed to understand their customer base. They allowed themselves to get out of touch with what people wanted and perhaps, even became out of touch with themselves. Breathwork is a wonderful way of opening up your senses, helping you gain greater clarity, which in turn helps you stay in tune with yourself, and importantly in this example, others.  


Breathwork helps you move into different parts of the brain. So rather than remaining in the logical left side, you can wander into the creative right side. That’s very helpful when trying to understand your customers better. Learning how to breathe better accelerates change and growth in a profound way. It’s been described as an evolution fast-track and will help the people within your organisation feel self-empowered and find answers to those big questions undoubtedly facing you right now.

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We could go on...

There are so many more things to tell you how getting yourself and your staff breathing better is good for business. Here’s two more for good measure:

  1. Breathwork helps us get further in touch with what’s happening in our bodies, including our emotions. This allows us the opportunity for pause and reflection, so we learn to make different – better and more thoughtful - decisions and choices with colleagues and customers

  2. Conscious and deep breathing can trigger similar effects to meditation and has been found to be one of the most ‘contemplative activities’ for reducing stress, according to a study published in Frontiers of Human Neuroscience. It stimulates the vagus nerve, which has a calming effect, sending signals back to the brain to say, 'It’s ok, all is well with the world’.


Now, more than ever, businesses need easy-to-access tools to help develop staff from diverse locations.  Depending on when you read this i.e., Covid-allowing, I can visit you in your offices to run, for example, 1-1 sessions with senior managers/the CEO, or run group workshops for staff, up to 50 at a time.  And in terms of live webinar format, breath sessions are also extremely effective delivered on platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  You choose what you’d like to have delivered and we’ll arrange the best time for you that works. 

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