In some instances I may consider coming to your home for a breath session. This requires prior discussion and fee will depend on your location. Please navigate to the Contact section and get in touch to discuss before booking. In an in-person 1-1 session with Justine, you will go deeper, experiencing the healing power of your own breath. You may seek a deeper connection with yourself or inspiration when nothing seems quite right. It may be to overcome constant fear or stress, or to move through deep-seated emotional issues or trauma. You may be struggling to sleep. Whatever the reasons, a 1-1 Conscious Connected Breath session with Justine will help you on your journey to achieving optimum health and vitality, gain greater clarity and enhance the process of self-discovery. I'll also be using some light acupressure during the session.



The session will last approximately 1hr 20 mins.

Please check for any contraindications before considering booking.

1-1 In-Person Breath Session at home