A set of 5 virtual 1-1 sessions with Justine. These will super-charge your physical health and emotional mindset, leaving you with the tools to go it alone if you so wish, along with breath skills to support, nurture and balance you throughout your life.


A virtual 1-1 session with Justine is an online version of the face-to-face, where you will experience the healing power of your own breath. You may be seeking a deeper connection with yourself or perhaps some inspiration when nothing seems quite right in your life. It may be to overcome constant fear or stress, or to move through deep-seated emotional issues or trauma. You may be struggling to sleep or want to boost your immune system. Whatever the reasons, a 1-1 Conscious Connected Breath session with Justine will help you on your journey to achieving optimum health and vitality, gain greater clarity and enhance the process of self-discovery.

Set of 5 1-1 Virtual Breath Sessions with Justine

  • Each of the 5 sessions will last approximately 1hr and take place online using Google Meet which is very simple and does not require any previous installation of apps. A link will be sent to you approximately 30 mins before each session which you just click to join. Please check for any contraindications before booking and also watch the Preparing For A Virtual Session video in the Breath 101 section of this website, beforehand.