I always think it's good to hear what others have said about what you're considering doing. I've been very specific when asking each person to give their views on their session. "Be authentic, speak from your heart". What I didn't want is to carve and shape some nice words from each person to make the page look nice. There has only been grammer tweaked and I have not hand-picked people - these just happen to be the first people to ever experience a session with me. I'll add more as I go along!

After my session with you I've had the most peaceful day - though I was productive, I glided through the day feeling relaxed and calm. :) I'm sure that you set my day up with the breath session. Thank you!

Virtual session October 2020 Julie Harper, children’s online education author, Australia, Dec 20

I’m not one who participates in these types of exercises or practices on a regular basis but I’m so very happy I did and would recommend this to anyone as long as you open yourself up to its possibilities.  I’m not entirely sure whether I experienced an energy release or invited in new energy with the breathing exercises I did with Justine, but a positive energy release of some sort did occur and I finished the session feeling utterly refreshed and renewed and exited to do it again! 

Virtual session November 2020 Chris Reese, Managing Director, Nov 20

My breathwork session with Justine was just incredible! A truly amazing experience that has had a profound difference as I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I instantly connected with Justine, her expertise and genuine passion to help others was very evident. I felt safe, relaxed and really comfortable to just 'let go' and be myself. I highly recommend anyone to just give it a go, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! I will definitely be booking more sessions as I really can feel a shift. Thank you, Justine.

In-person session November 2020 Gail Blackman, Oct 20

I had never done this kind of breath work before, a little mediation and some attempts at breathing from my belly, holding and long release; if it’s good enough for Navy Seals then it’s good enough for me! However, I think they are missing a trick if they aren’t adopting continuous breathing too. I found the session deeply profound but in a light and manageable way. Justine told me it would be profound, and I entered into it with a calm and curious mind. What I found was a sense of deep relaxation and an opening up which I haven’t experienced before from breathwork. I cried a little but in a good way and it definitely stayed with me for the day. Justine was patient and very gentle in reminding me what to do and where to focus. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in recommending this to anyone. It always amazes me that we all breathe every day but so few people know how breathe. Thank you, Justine, for helping me to understand what breath really is. x

Virtual session November 2020 Jamie Burdett, freelance creative, Wales, Nov 20

I found the session hugely interesting and enjoyable. It was incredibly calming, and Justine was a very good coach. Her manner and tone were really friendly and supportive. If you’ve done mediation to any great extent, it is a similar experience in some ways with regard to focussing the mind and concentration. 

The breathing technique took a bit of getting used to, but I think I got the hang of releasing the breath rather than forcing it out, 

As part of the experience, you need to let it all go and any emotions or feelings come to the surface and let them out. This was a little scary at first, but I felt comfortable enough with Justine, and confident enough in the process, to do this. 

For the first few minutes I felt lightheaded from the breathing, but this settled down and I found myself in a rhythm. The grounding which you do before and after, I found this really useful and enjoyed connecting with the earth.

The ten-minute relaxation after the breathing was very much part of the experience and process. Personally, I found this time just as useful, perhaps even most so, as it seemed to highlight thoughts and emotions to me and allowed me to release some of the unnecessary negativity and fear I have been holding on to. 

Thanks Justine, it was truly a helpful experience which I enjoyed and will definitely attempt to make it part of my daily or weekly routine. 

Virtual session November 2020 Helen Tozer, Plant Expert, Cornwall, Nov 20

The connected breathing session with Justine was a completely new technique to me. Initially it was difficult to relax into it and my breathing was a little jerky, but hearing Justine also doing the breathing helped enormously to relax deep into its rhythm. My mind became very focused on the breath and I gradually became very deeply immersed into its power, the prompts from Justine were helpful to keep it going. After the session I felt re-energised and slightly spaced out. This feeling of euphoria lasted the rest of the day and I had the best night's sleep I have had in many years. I would recommend anyone to have an open mind and try it for themselves. I intend to keep up this breathing technique, and breath as babies do in their sleep.

Virtual session November 2020 Helen Garret, Canterbury, Oct 20

I have to confess that I had some reservations in terms of today. These didn’t relate to the process itself, as I actually enjoy being out of my comfort zone as I know that this is where the most learning opportunities are. You also helped substantially to make me comfortable with the discomfort of being uncomfortable. 

My reservation related to the impact a breath session could actually have. After all, other than the occasional stunning event or person that had taken my 'breath away', I have been breathing untroubled for almost 60 years now. This unconscious act is something that most of us take for granted. I know I had. Although thankfully I've become both much more conscious and, consequently, much more grateful for it lately and that sense of appreciation gave me the curiosity to try this with you.

Thanks to your facilitation and guidance our session was really enlightening and enriching. They say that to breathe new life into something helps to revive it, refocus and repurpose it. Well that was how I felt as a result of my time with you today. Who’d have thought that 30 minutes of consciously breathing could be so potently powerful. Certainly, I hadn’t. But I do now. 

As well as feeling a deep sense of comfort with the process I was truly surprised at how energised I felt from my breath. It reminded me of the conscious competence ladder model and in particular I felt that you were that person helping people like me move to the 3rd step on this ladder. I’m a long way from mastering the art of breathing but I feel incredibly exciting to be relearning how to do something so basic and fundamental to being able to Live More and get the most of myself and help others to do likewise. Thanks, so much for introducing me to the power of my breath and making me conscious of it. It genuinely was time incredibly well spent.

Dave Spence, co-founder Live More, Malaysia and UK, Oct 20

I came to Justine's session with a strong need to feel held and find deep relaxation, as I'd suffered a traumatic shock the week before.
From the start of the session I felt safe and reassured by Justine who explained everything so well and supported and encouraged me throughout. 


I have tried breathwork once before but this time I got a real understanding of the breath, its rhythm and its journey and was able to drop down blissfully into this experience, all the while feeling safe and open to following Justine's guidance. The final ten minutes were proof of how well the session had gone as I felt deeply embodied and relaxed and did not want to get up. A truly beautiful session that gave me a vivid sense of cleansing my body and my energy. Thank you x 

Tansy Dowman, People Walker & Nature Connector, Sept 20

The breath session that I had with Justine was truly an out of this world experience. After the session, I was left with clarity, energy and renewed optimism. Justine is an amazing facilitator - she is patient, kind and creates a comfortable space for you to let go of what you have been holding on to. I can’t recommend her enough.

Preethi Nair – Author Nov 20

I had the pleasure of having a session of breath work, conscious connected breathing with Justine this week.  I must admit, though I have done breathe work before I had no idea what to expect.

A few days before, Justine sent me an email with links to videos and a document to prepare for the session which was very useful. Sadly, I had a bereavement, I lost my dear brother two days before I was due to work with Justine.  I messaged Justine to let her know and she was very reassuring.

Justine started our session by explaining the various steps and processes she would go through, and she took her time doing this. This was very useful, and I knew that she would hold me in a loving space.  Justine created a very safe space for me even though this was in a virtual environment, I felt Justine was right by my side.

We started the session and Justine’s instructions were very clear to follow.  There were reassuring words and I felt supported.  My goodness my grief really came to the surface and I could process it with Justine by my ‘side’.  I felt I was letting go of so many emotions when she asked me to bang my hands on the side and stamp my feet.  This was so powerful for me.  The tears just flowed.  The music really helped to sooth me.  We continued the process and Justine guided me into the silence which once again helped me to gather my thoughts and feelings. So many emotions were coming to the surface, beautiful memories of my brother, anger with the current situation which is stopping me to be physically together with my family.  However, I was helped by Justine in this silence. 

We had as short discussion after Justine gently concluded the session.  I reflected that I had the souls of my loving departed souls around me.  I felt the presence of my parents, my brother and a baby I had lost many years ago. It seemed that they were reassuring me and I felt they told me to trust.

Justine very kindly offered to do a grounding process which was simply amazing. I followed Justine’s advice of being gentle and kind to myself.  I am writing this a day after our session and I can say, I feel a lot calmer and at peace within myself.  I had one of the best night’s sleep in a long time.  I am grieving for my brother with a calm awareness.  Thank you, dear Justine.

I can recommend Justine whole heartedly.  She is so passionate and committed and I know that I was in safe hands from the beginning and know that I can reach out to her.  I will most certainly be working with Justine again soon.

Sharon Patel, Nepalese children’s charity founder, Feb 21

Yoga and meditation is no stranger to me. Over the years I have tried different guided breathwork and yoga Nidra sessions. The Conscious Connected Breath approach was not something that I had tried before. Justine prepared me, ahead of the session by sending me emails and videos. An informed me made sure I created a zen space where I would not be disturbed. 


At the start of the online session she explains in details what to expect both during and after. Her clear instructions make you relaxed and at ease and she explains the method in a clear and calm tone. After the breathing session which was indeed refreshing and uplifting, I was given the time to be with my thoughts. I could only describe was like looking at the northern lights with occasional glow of purple.

A very relaxed me will be definitely be using this technique again.  A beautiful session with a wonderful Teacher.  Thank you.

Harshita Patel, carer, Jan 21

Thank you for the session yesterday.  I found the breath work session fantastic - both relaxing and energising. You made me feel comfortable throughout which was a big help in being able to fully relax.  My general breathlessness has been less today and I have felt more positive than I have in quite a while!  Many thanks again - it was a revelation.

Kieran Ward, March 21