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The only way to do great work is to LOVE what you do

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I began my working life at 14. Back then, it was helping my parents manage their sports shop, selling the zeitgeist of the time, Fila and Ellesse tracksuits and shirts to people who travelled far and wide for the opportunity of owning one. Quite funny when you think about it now...
A few years later, we opened up a little gym and wellbeing centre alongside the sports shop and so began my fascination in health and wellbeing - understanding it to be a fundamental and integral staple of life. Then, at eighteen, I moved from Cornwall and living at home. First to university, then live in Italy, and then to travel the world for a year. After that was out of my system, I began life in busy London.
I’ve always loved managing teams of people and have a great love of innovation. Both came together in my thirties when I became Sales & Operations Director, subsequently CEO, for a ground-breaking start-up with £2m investment, called Unmissable.  Focussed on experiential travel and working B2B with some of the best marketing and advertising agencies in the country, we captured a growing thirst for new ideas in the world of travel and experiences. I subsequently went on to set up a similar, B Corp certified business called The Happy Prize Company.

Shortly after leaving Unmissable and in time of life when I felt unclear, uncertain and unconfident, I felt the pull back to wellbeing, this time into the world of mental and emotional, rather than physical. It was during this time that I found myself setting up a wellbeing agency called The Life Adventure, which works in the main, with UK government departments to set and improve the wellbeing agenda for government officials. 

During all of this, what’s been prevalent is a curiosity for life; ways to think, feel, live better. I’m so grateful to have studied with, and learned from, some of the world’s leading masters in breath, yoga, meditation, kinesiology, sustainability, psychotherapy, shamanic practice and Shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing), to list a few.  I’ve recently spent two years understanding how to create and become a B Corp certified business. I’m a MHFA (Mental Health First Aider) and volunteer as a Verifier for the Mayor of London’s Healthy Workplace Awards. I also volunteer as a Non-Exec Director for a solar farm project in Selsey, West Sussex, which gives it's surplus income back to the local community. Also in Selsey, I crowd-funded a community-based project called the Selsey Sea Bathing Society to encourage people of all ages back into the sea. It's a simple model, but one I'm incredibly proud to be part of and it brings me great joy every time we meet up on the beach and take a dip into the cool waters of the Solent. I’m also an RSA Fellow


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My entire wellbeing roadmap of the past twenty or so years began with trying to understand myself and my place in the world, both inside and outside the business world. And here I am now, having come full circle back to what I believe to be the most powerful thing of all - the breath.
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