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As well as a passion for breath and nature, I also love writing, when I find the time. Here is my debut book called Wonderwoods - Finding Wisdom In The Forest, plus a co-authored lockdown-inspired project I am involved with. 


Finding Wisdom In The Forest

Justine Clement

Publishing in 2022

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'You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles through the desert repenting. You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.' Mary Oliver, Wild Geese


When we feel connected to people and places, we feel a sense of belonging and wholeness. We feel ourselves truly alive. Yet over thousands of years, human beings have gradually become mere onlookers. Bystanders, not just to the glory and wonder of the natural world, but also to ourselves, our lives and our understanding of our place in the world.


There seems to be a gentle, yet unmistakable awakening happening. An increased desire to get out into nature. And whether we realise it’s a pull to find our way back to what it is we have lost, or not, doesn’t matter. Most important is the shift.


Justine Clement is city-based CEO turned certified forest bathing practitioner and breathwork coach and believes that in order to thrive, we need to reconnect with what and who we are - all of which can be found in the forest.


Packed with exercises and invitations, Wonder Woods, Finding Wisdom In The Forest will help you find your way back to an easier way of living. One where you intrinsically know and understand your place in the world and how your connection with the forest will bring you back to wholeness, happiness and a thriving, well- balanced life.


A collection of extraordinary life stories

Co-authored with 14 women

Published in 2021

I am Every Woman book_edited.png

"I loved this book and have read it more than once already.  Every single journey speaks to you in so many ways with so much honesty and truth. We are all every woman and this book effortlessly makes you question your own journey. What if we could all just let go and embrace life just like these 15 authors? So much wisdom shared so thank you.  We all have our own story and is easy to get lost in it, a truly inspiring, heartfelt book and totally recommend it."(Amazon review)

This book, written and published during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown periods in Britain in 2020, is authored by 15 women from around the world, including myself.  Each one has been bold enough to be brutally honest, their stories told are courageous and candid, stripped to the core.


These 15 women have faced abuse, burnout, life-threatening disease, cultural boundaries, confinement, family trauma, and loss. They have overcome these challenges to find love, acceptance, purpose, joy, freedom and peace. In reading these authentic and transformative life journeys you may find yourself discovering your truth, and uncovering your own path to living more fully.

Each unique story has been written from the heart with the intention to help others – a gift to remind us all that we are not alone. This book aims to illuminate the pathway to self-compassion as well as the enormous power that human connection can bring. The women in this book have written with a mission to connect with themselves, and with every woman who wants to embrace her own strength and courage.

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