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So what's Conscious Connected Breath all about and how's it done? Watch here for a few simple explanations and enjoy two free guided audios to try it yourself

To get you started on your Conscious Connected Breath journey, you have access to these 2 free guided audios - a 15 minute session for energy and a 30 minute session for clarity and creativity. Before you do that, check out the video explanations below - particularly 'Setting up for your session' and 'Sound and Movement'. If you enjoy these and feel this is for you, you can keep using the free audios as much as you like. Or, to begin seeing real benefit, why not sign up to the Online Breath Studio, or book a 1-1 session.


15 mins Breath for EnergyWonderbreath
00:00 / 15:30
30-mins Breath for Clarity and CreativityWonderbreath
00:00 / 29:00

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Setting up for your session

Setting up for your session