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WonderBreath Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy and will only collect, store and use your personal information for specific WonderBreath experience-related purposes. We use your information to support and enhance my relationship with you, to process your booking, provide service and support, and share experience offerings with you.

You may also ask at any time to see the personal data you have given me and request correction or deletion. I strive to protect the security of your personal data by use of appropriate measures and processes.

You will be on the WonderBreath mailing list because you have participated in or enquired about WonderBreath experiences through this website or via email. We hereby confirm that your details are not shared with or sold to any third parties and will only be used to contact you about WonderBreath experiences and related events.

You have the opportunity to opt out if you want to, otherwise we are assuming that you want to hear from us. We all receive a lot of emails about all sorts of things so if these emails are no longer relevant to you now or in the future please email to say “opt-out” or use the opt-out button on the email newsletter footer.
The Information that we collect about you

We will only ask for the minimum of personal information. We ask you to provide this information so that we will be able to process your booking or provide information to you, enhance your site visit, respond to your requests for the information we hold about you, support our relationship with you or to follow up with you after your experience.

We may collect information when you:

• Contact us directly, by phone, or email;
• Register on this website;
• Book an experience through the website 
• Place a request for a future service or course;
• Subscribe to a newsletter, blog or a mailing list.

In each of the instances above, we may ask for your name, and contact details, and any other information that is needed to process your booking, or provide the requested services, or inform you of future experiences we may offer.

If you request it, we will send you information about our experiences and other services that may be of interest to you. Such information may encompass alerts to updated information and other new experiences and services from WonderBreath. If you no longer wish to receive such information, please contact me to unsubscribe.

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