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How London experts helped me take control of perimenopause

Thanks to Conde Nast Traveller for featuring me in their recent article "Life wasn’t beyond my mental capacity but beyond my physical capacity: how London experts helped me take control of perimenopause".


Why activating the parasympathetic nervous system saves us

Wonderbreath, London, Surrey and West Sussex UK

Knowing that external stress triggers will never relent, I needed to learn how to relax. I signed up for a one-day solo retreat with body psychotherapist Andrea Lucas and Justine Clement of Wonderbreath, one of Britain’s top experts in breathwork. Touching the Soul is a space for women who are feeling overwhelmed. As well as spoiling you with a restorative intuitive massage from Andrea, the aim is to teach you the basics of breathwork so you can create your own practice. I loved the phone-off day with Justine and Andrea in Justine’s pretty garden house in Harrow-On-The-Hill, with a break for a nutritious vegetarian lunch. Conscious Connected Breathwork is hugely growing in popularity as part of the toolkit for improving one’s physical and mental health. Before I met Justine, I had joined halls full of acolytes as they gasped away, but I couldn’t connect and found the sounds distracting and anxiety-inducing. Justine’s quiet patience and repeated gentle guidance enabled me to feel safe and relaxed enough to allow the oxygen to infuse me with peace. Breathing more consciously has helped to bring me back from extreme overwhelm.

You can read the full article here.

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