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4- session Conscious Connected Breathwork series at Yoga Ananda in Reigate


Come and experience this 4- week therapeutic Conscious Connected Breathwork course as a way of healing and vastly improving your physical and emotional health in 2024.


Conscious Connected Breathwork is different from yogic/pranayama Breathwork in that it encompasses breath releases rather than breath holds. This is hugely transformative, as in our fast-paced Western, always-on culture, where everything is so tightly controlled, you will find relief in being able to ‘let go’ and release what no longer serves you, through your breath.  It’s a hugely powerful and effective way to enhance and transform your state of mind and body. Breathing is the only system in our body that is both automatic and under our control.  This is an invitation to tap into and influence the evolution of your mind and body. Once understood, Conscious Connected Breathwork can be used as a tool to radically improve your physical and mental health, performance, and emotional wellbeing. This 4-week reset course is for you if you..


  • Ever feel stressed or anxious and wish you had easy ways to help alleviate this from building up?
  • Struggle with poor sleep?
  • Lack energy?
  • Have a below-optimum immune system (do you get ill or worn down easily?)
  • Have shortness of breath or asthma or just feel like your breathing isn’t what it once was (watch a baby breathing, for example, and see the difference)
  • Often feel unclear or lack creativity?
  • Have depressive thoughts that you’d like to shift?
  • Wish for more energy?
  • Want to move past what is standing in your way of your happiness?
  • Want to develop a greater connection with yourself and understanding of yourself?
  • Want to explore deeper levels of consciousness?
  • Want to understand yourself better?
  • Want to get clear of your emotional baggage?
  • Be and feel healthier?
  • Feel curious about accessing altered states of consciousness?
  • Want to feel more resilient?
  • Want to feel more in control of your emotions?
  • Notice that nothing feels quite right?
  • Want to move through deep-seated emotional issues and/or trauma?


Conscious Connected Breathing is a powerful and safe way to infuse the body with oxygen and energy, recharging our own (often depleted) systems to work to their healing capacity. It facilitates openings to higher levels of consciousness, allowing us to tap into our deeper resources and live our lives joyfully and in abundance.


Why this?


There are so many different types of Breathwork out there, how do you choose which one to try? All are of course good, but this is great! Come and try it to experience it for yourself.  I first tried this 13 years ago and it blew my socks off and I’ve continued to practice it ever since. I’ve now taken many, many people through the same process with the same result – they can’t believe how powerful their own breath can be.  What I like is that unlike yogic/pranayama Breathwork which is about controlling the breath, this is about breath release. We have so much control in our modern lives, that releasing our breath feels so much more powerful, so much more necessary.  I help people alleviate stress and anxiety through their breath. My aim is to provide people with the knowledge and practice that will help you re-wire the nervous system and in doing so restore their ability to regulate your emotions and build resilience.


How does it work?


Taking this 4-week course will allow you to go deeper, experiencing the healing power of your own breath. You may seek a deeper connection with yourself or inspiration when nothing seems quite right. It may be to overcome constant fear or stress, or to move through deep-seated emotional issues or trauma. You may be struggling to sleep. Whatever the reasons, this course will help you on your journey to achieving optimum health and vitality, gain greater clarity and enhance the process of self-discovery.  What a way to begin 2024!  You’ll also learn about experiencing, and using on yourself, acupressure during the session. The first session is 2 hours and then each one is 1.5hrs.




"Breathwork with Justine helped my body release the accumulated tension. I could feel how my back lost its knots as soon as the session was over"


"Deep opening. Cleansing. Magical too- a rose bloomed for me ;)"


"It brought my awareness to my body and helped me feel calm and grounded. I also felt more open in the chest and that I could breathe deeper and easier. The breathwork became emotionally and physically challenging at some point but I felt safe enough to ride that emotional wave and get to the other side with Justine, she was an amazing facilitator.”


"From this Breathwork session I learned that stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things isn't that scary when I feel well guided and supported. This experience gave me the courage to keep on going new places, trying new things and being open to change."


"Justine is an amazing facilitator and teacher. It was such a transformative experience for me. I enjoyed every moment, and I learned a lot! Totally recommend!"


"That was an AMAZING experience! I don't think I expressed that enough. Everything was outstanding. Justine created a safe environment for everyone to let go of our resistance, feel all the feels and embrace change. That session definitely unlocked something within me, and I left feeling transformed and willing to try new things”.


“In essence, I feel the gift of your breathwork keeps us all connected to something bigger and if that is the gift , then that really is a treasure chest of magic for us all to experience. You are a wonder woman as I have always known.”


“I can recommend Justine whole heartedly.  She is so passionate and committed and I know that I was in safe hands from the beginning and know that I can reach out to her.  I will most certainly be working with Justine again soon.”


This morning as I write, I feel energised, expansive and lighter.  Justine was a great practitioner and made me feel really safe to explore working with my breath in this new way and I’m excited to learn more. Thank you so much.”


“My breathwork session with Justine was just incredible! A truly amazing experience that has had a profound difference as I feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I instantly connected with Justine, her expertise and genuine passion to help others was very evident. I felt safe, relaxed and really comfortable to just 'let go' and be myself. I highly recommend anyone to just give it a go, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! I will definitely be booking more sessions as I really can feel a shift. Thank you, Justine, “


The cost for all 4 sessions is offered at a reduced rate of £120 to fit in with other workshops run at Ananda, Reigate. There are max 8 places available to keep the sessions small and intimate. Dates are:


Thurs 28th March 6.30-8.30pm

18th April 7- 8.30pm

2nd May 7-8.30pm

16th May 7-8.30pm


Breathe your way to a better life 4 session workshop Reigate Surrey

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