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This retreat is now bookable as a private retreat for you and a group of friends, or as a business retreat.


It’s been known for millennia that time spent in the forest has an incredible effect on our mind, body and soul. Here you will have the time you need to disconnect from your day-to-day life and let your nervous system feel soothed and rested amongst the wonder and rejuvenating properties of ancient woodland and sacred spaces. This retreat will form part of your life journey, where your body can begin to heal itself and come alive again as you learn tender, deep ways to reconnect with yourself and the natural world in this incredible ancient playground known as the Forest of Dean. You’ll rest your head in a magical retreat centre called ASHA, never before open to public for retreats, until now...


ASHA is set in five acres of exquisite organic gardens. During your time here with us you’ll eat simple vegetarian, locally sourced (much on-site), organic food.  You’ll have your own en-suite room in one of the lovely cottages in the grounds, or in the main house, all of which are extremely comfortable, as well as incredibly relaxing.  You’re free to do as much or as little as you like, including wandering the grounds, which have been specifically designed to include spaces of inspiring, natural beauty and quiet contemplation. Your days will be filled with as much or as little as you choose, including Conscious Connected Breathwork sessions, known for their transformational qualities, gentle somatic movement sessions to melt long-held tension and movement, morning walks through the forest to a sacred well for cold-water immersions, experience the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, or Forest Bathing, and evening time together in the Peace Grove, blessed by the Druids, around the fire-pit for contemplation and ceremony.


Included sessions




Wonderbreath is a form of Conscious Connected Breathwork.  Therapeutic in nature, this is a gentle, simple, healing technique that helps you to open up the full potential of your respiratory system for better physical and emotional well-being. It’s been demonstrated to have so many benefits, including deepening your relationship with yourself, increasing energy levels, giving greater emotional clarity, improving your immune response, and increasing your ability to deal with stress in a healthy way. These are powerful group sessions where Justine will guide you through each session, called ‘a detox for every level of your being’ and no experience is necessary.




Somatic movement invites you on a journey through the internal landscape of the body and moves us into the ‘felt’ sense, giving us a break from our ‘thinking’ selves. These are gentle movements, performed with intention and at a very slow pace. The goal of this is to shift our attention from the external appearance of a pose or posture, to the internal felt experience of the movement. Through shifting our attention from output to experience, we notice how tension, stress and worry softens, and we learn more sustainable ways of living in our bodies. The combination of Somatic movement and Breathwork ignites the deep healing powers of the body from within.




Free-form movement allows you to experience the body like never before. We so often get caught up in the pace of life, functioning as if we’re set on autopilot and the way we move through our life becomes rigid. Sitting to standing, standing to walking and repeating, sometimes we sit down to exercise too. This practice helps reprogram lost movement patterns and establishes a sense of freedom back into the body, allowing you to see what you are truly capable of. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an athlete to participate or have a desired fitness level, you merely have to be curious about moving in a more explorative way - fold, bend, twist, rotate - inviting many shapes of movement into the mix. You will be guided with the utmost care and attention, by Shaun, if you are new to this practice.


Forest Bathing


Forest bathing, a literal translation of the Japanese term Shinrin-yoku, is scientifically proven to improve our health. It means to bathe in the atmosphere of the forest with your five senses to improve your wellbeing. Countless Japanese studies have revealed how it boosts our immune systems, reduces our stress hormones, reduces our blood pressure, enhances our mental wellness and bolsters our brain health. It can provide emotional healing, improve our sleep-wake cycles, improve relationship skills, reduce stress, and reduce feelings of anger and aggression. These gentle introductions to the practice of forest bathing including sensory and meditative exercises, taking time to explore our woodland landscape, tuning in to our micro and macro awareness of nature and noticing how it communicates with us.


Cold water immersion


There are several options for this right near ASHA, but our favourite has to be the water at Saint Anthony’s Well - whose name dates from the medieval period – is known as a holy, or sacred, well. Prehistoric flint implements have been found in the spring’s vicinity as well as Iron Age and Roman artefacts and it seems likely that the well was a ritual site for a long period of time. The spring, which runs into the gardens at ASHA, is reputedly very ancient and in front lies a stone ‘bathing pool’ built by the Romans – three feet of deep, clear, totally unpolluted water. Saint Anthony's Well water is always extremely cold and for generations, local people have bathed in it for the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis.  It’s just a short, five-minute walk to the well from the house, through the forest and lies in an open area of stunning beech trees. So whether you want to dip, or watch, you’re guaranteed a very magical experience.


What’s included?


  • 3 nights’ accommodation in your own room with ensuite bathroom
  • 3 x Conscious Connected Breathwork sessions.
  • 3 x Somatic & Movement sessions.
  • 1 x Forest Bathing session
  • Morning guided walks to St Anthony’s sacred well for cold-water immersion, or just sit and soak up the ancient beech tree woodland.
  • 2 evenings firepit: ceremony and drop in session
  • Simple organic farm-to-table vegetarian food: breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared on-site at Asha using ingredients from the grounds wherever possible, or locally sourced. If you require vegan options, we are happy to accommodate you.
  • You will receive a set of pre-retreat videos guided by Shaun and Justine. These practices will form part of your retreat experience and allow you to continue to build your own rituals after the retreat.

Pause In The Forest Retreat, Glocs Bespoke Retreat

  • Please note, breathwork is hugely safe for almost anybody, however, you will need to ask participants prior to joining this session if they have any Breathwork contraindications . If you have any questions in relation to this please get in touch to discuss.

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