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Back by popular demand, incredible somatic movement coach Shaun Brooking and I will be hosting another Breath & Motion workshop at 75 Dean Street, Soho. It will run for 3hrs and you'll emerge feeling relaxed and refreshed - body, mind and spirit.




This is a small group session where you'll be given individual attention and guidance. You’ll leave with more vitality, clarity, feel more relaxed, less stressed, and importantly, with tools to maintain it all afterwards. You’ll be guided through explorative somatic body movements and learn how to tune deeply into your physical, emotional and spiritual self via your breath. Conscious Connected Breathing has been called a 'detox for every level of your being' for good reason.


This Tuesday session is for you if you’re curious about exploring the deep healing powerhouse and intelligence that is your body. This is for you if:


• You want to find ease of movement, without the effort.

• You feel over stressed, overwhelmed, tired and want to reset your sleep rhythms.

• You have a foggy mind and seek more clarity.

• You struggle to switch off and slow down.

• You've found that most Breathwork out there creates more anxiety than relaxation and want to learn a technique that will take you towards optimum physical health, emotional clarity and a deeper connection with yourself.


What they've said


"That was an AMAZING experience! I don't think I expressed that enough. Everything was outstanding. Justine and Shaun created a safe environment for everyone to let go of our resistance, feel all the feels and embrace change. These sessions definitely unlocked something within me, and I left feeling transformed and willing to try new things"


Anything else to consider?


Please wear comfortable, loose, relaxed clothing and bring water, a yoga mat and blanket (if this isn't possible, we can provide for you). Please note, breathwork is hugely safe for almost anybody, however, please check for any Breathwork contraindications . If you have any questions in relation to this please get in touch to discuss.

Soho Breath and Motion workshop

  • The session will last 3hrs.  Please check for any contraindications before booking.

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