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Justine and renowned body psychotherapist Andrea Lucas have teamed up to launch an immersive 1 day private 1-1 retreat that draws upon ancient teachings integrating powerful touch, movement, Breathwork and active listening to help women in overwhelm and HFA (High Functioning Anxiety).  The retreat will be for you, and you alone, with a 100% focus on you, your needs, desires and requirements.
Touching the Soul’s mission is to help educate you into facilitating your own healing. You’ll be guided through a magical, restorative, informative and healing day, helping you find the root cause of your physical and emotional discomfort and give you the tools you need to overcome the challenges you face. In this one unique day retreat, you’ll be supported in rediscovering your true nature and begin the process of healing deeply the symbolic tunes of your body. Justine and Andrea hold a sacred safe space, allowing your heart to open, enabling you to embrace new feelings of wholeness and radiance. You’ll leave feeling transformed with a deep inner peace.

What you'll experience 

1. Begin the process of alleviating pain and ill health

At their root, pain and ill health have unspoken and unexpressed thoughts and most of these remain unexamined. Breathwork and body psychotherapy will help to gently begin the process of helping remove these from the body.


2. Change the way you think

Your body is a metaphor of your mind. What shows up in your body has everything to do with your mind. Your body is designed to thrive and heal, but often the mind gets in the way and disrupts the process. Changing our thoughts is a pathway to self-healing and this one-day retreat will start you thinking in an entirely different way about yourself, and about your body.


3. Reclaim your personal power

Our potential for healing is actually limitless, we just don’t realise it. This retreat will help you reactivate the parts of yourself you’ve closed down over the course of your lifetime and reclaim control over your life, making better, more conscious, clearer decisions about yourself, your health and your life in general. Working with your breath on an ongoing basis (we’ll teach you how) is a wonderful way of keeping in tune with the inner you.


4. Helping you deal better with stress and anxiety

Most people spend way too much of their day living with elevated stress and anxiety levels which can lead to us disassociating from our feelings rather than the healthier way, which is to work through them as they arise. We’ll use powerful methods of releasing stuck energy that is held deeply in the tissues of the body, as well as showing you how to allow your emotions to arise whilst using helpful steps to avoid overloading yourself with stress and anxiety.


​5. Release tension, trauma and emotional baggage

To be human is to have emotional baggage and often trauma, too. Tension in your body reflects the tension in your psyche because memories and emotions reside in the body resulting in energy blocks and imbalances. Emotions are energy and Breathwork and body psychotherapy begin the process of releasing these from the body before they manifest as dis-ease and illness, helping to transform the oldest and most painful memories, release physical tensions, soothe the heart and ultimately restore the body and mind to its optimal health. freeing you to live a healthier and happier life.

How your private retreat day will run

10 am: Arrival. You'll begin your day by enjoying a light refreshment including Welle Co Calming Tea - a blend of potent herbs traditionally used to help calm, relax and ease the mind. Each cup unites the effects of hops, valerian, lemon balm, passionflower and skullcap to create a soothing sensation, which helps you begin your day with a sense of conscious calm and wellbeing.  Also available is a Welle Co Super Elixir green juice - this iconic super greens is an all-in-one, vegan solution that helps support all 11 systems of the body – from the immune and digestive systems to hair, skin and nail health. Carefully curated with over 40+ naturally derived ingredients, The Super Elixir™ provides a complete solution for your entire body including wholefoods, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. 

10.30 am: Breath coach Justine will guide you through a 120-minute Conscious Connected Breath experience. 

Breathing is a forgotten tool for healing and optimising your physical and mental health. Conscious Connected Breathwork is a powerful and safe way to infuse the body with oxygen and energy and recharge your system to its maximum healing capacity. It can lead you to optimum health, mental and emotional clarity and experience an ever-deepening relationship with yourself. It’s a gentle, simple, yet profound technique that will help open up the full potential of your breathing system for better physical and emotional wellbeing. The many benefits, include increased energy, better immune response, and increased ability to deal with stress in a healthy way. This 120 min session will include:

• Introduction to Conscious Connected Breathwork
• Intention setting
• 45-minute guided breath session
• 10 minute Shavasana (deep relaxation)

12.30 pm: Nutritious ayurvedic lunch, followed by some quiet time for journaling to capture your feelings, reflections and experiences at this point in your day. Included is a personalised Touching The Soul journal to make notes and take home with you. 

1: 45 pm Body psychotherapist Andrea will take you through 120 mins of deeply restorative body massage work. Known as a ‘Guardian Angel’ in the massage therapy world, Andrea combines her highly developed intuition and astute psychological insight together with an in-depth understanding of the human body. Andrea’s healing hands and her light and vibrant presence define her as the holy grail of massage therapists. Leave feeling transformed with a deep inner peace.

3.45 pm Tea/Juice and also you'll also have the opportunity to try an incredible, nutritious homemade Peace & Plenty Collagen & Cacao Protein bar packed with Ancient & Brave Cacao + Collagen blend, dates, seeds, toasted coconut flakes and oil, ginger slices, nuts and cacao (if you have a nut allergy, we'll substitute for a nut-free alternative). 

4.00 pm Therapeutic reflection and insights with Andrea and Justine.


5 pm Finish your day.


​1 week later, at a time to suit you, Andrea and Justine will have an online follow-up session with you for 45 minutes.



Touching The Soul - a private 1 day retreat for women in overwhelm

  • Please note, breathwork is hugely safe for almost anybody, however, you will need to ask participants prior to joining this session if they have any Breathwork contraindications . If you have any questions in relation to this please get in touch to discuss.

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