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Wonderbreath In The Forest

  • 3 hr
  • 300 British pounds
  • Surrey, Kent, West Sussex, near London

Service Description

“Between a human and a tree is the breath. We are each other’s air.” — Margaret Bates Reciprocal Breathing is a term coined by American nature educator Joseph Bharat Cornell. He describes beautifully how an average-sized tree releases enough oxygen each day to sustain four people. This is a particularly magical experience of breathing in the forest amongst beautiful trees, whilst hearing the birdsong all around you. This session gives you the chance to experience all the life-giving, detoxing, immune-boosting and emotional clearing that comes with a Conscious Connected Breath session, but this time, out in nature. And trust me, the experience of breathing outdoors is incredible, but not only that, we’ll work with the trees to create a symbiotic interaction between you and the forest. As you breathe in deeply, you’ll feel your lungs filling with life-giving oxygen passed to you the trees and as you exhale, you’ll gratefully return the favour, offering carbon dioxide back to them. It’s a beautiful exchange and experience and one that integrates my love of the forest through the subtle nod to Shinrin-yoku, plus my belief that when we breathe, we are cleansing and renewing at a deep and profound level of our being. “On the underside of a leaf are the largest number of tiny openings (stomata) through which air enters and exits a tree. Reach out and gently hold a leaf, bringing your nose close to the leaf’s underside. Inhale the oxygen released by the tree and then exhale carbon dioxide into the leaf. As you breathe in and out, be aware of how interconnected you are with the forest, and of the reciprocal relationship all beings have with one another.” — Joseph Bharat Cornell NEED TO KNOW Your breath session will last approximately 2 hours and Forest Bathing 1 hour and takes place in the woods. Options can be explored in terms of location, but unless organised on a bespoke basis (which is possible) it will be in a beautiful woodland within 20 mins of Caterham, Surrey. If the weather looks particularly bad, we will rearrange at a time to suit you. Please wear/bring warm clothing for this session - layers are great - along with suitable footwear for the time of year walking in a woodland environment. Please also wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing so that you’re relaxed throughout the session together. Directions will be sent to you by email before the session and please do feel free to call me anytime to discuss any questions or concerns.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact me at least 48 hours in advance.

Contact Details


11 Elgin Crescent, Caterham, UK

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