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Relearn to breathe.
Reclaim the most neglected,
yet powerful tool your body has.  It's waiting for you.

We are born the perfect breathers.  But as we go through life, emotional upsets cause us to hold our breath and we develop poor breathing patterns.  Wonderbreath is a circular, connected breathing method that will help you reclaim your energy, alleviate stress and anxiety, build your resilience, heal your trauma and increase your capacity for awe and wonder. 


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As babies, we are born the perfect breathers. Watch how their little tummies inflate and deflate; modelling the perfect diaphragmatic breath. But as we go through life, we pick up bad habits and more importantly, find ourselves experiencing anything from minor upsets to big traumas. In these moments, we automatically hold our breath. In social and work situations, we can hold back from expressing ourselves fully. That might be down to social stigma (not great to cry in the supermarket) or fear (I’ll probably get the sack if I start shouting now) which prevents our emotions from exiting our bodies. Suppressing our emotions and holding our breath tends to lead to poor breathing patterns in adulthood and can add to more stress and anxiety in our bodies. And that’s not good for our physical and emotional health.

What's it like experiencing a Wonderbreath session?


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After my first Wonderbreath session with Justine, I realised I had not had meaningful thought about my breath for what felt like a lifetime.  My session was a spiritual and emotional revelation and I was flawed by my breath that was there all along.  


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you are here

Something has brought you here. It may be curiosity, it may be for health reasons, or perhaps you feel dissatisfied with life. Whatever the reason, you’re here because something in you wants to change.  Re-learning the forgotten art of breathing is suitable for almost everyone.  Whether you're 9 (parent assisted) or 90, a frazzled mum or dad; a burnt out corporate professional or an anxious teenager. Whether it's for a specific problem or for general wellbeing. You won't need any lycra, just a safe comfortable space in your home for a virtual session, or the ability to get to me for an in-person session.   Come to me to re-discover your breath and uncover who and what you are and what you’re truly capable of.  You could call it your birthright.

i am here

I’ve extolled the virtues of the breath for almost twenty years now. It began when I started practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. There’s always been a deep belief in me that learning how to breathe better and practising this as much as possible is really good for us. I firmly believe that most of us have become disconnected to our bodies and let our minds run the show. Breathing better and practising breathwork in the same way you might do with meditation or the gym, helps us redress this balance and gets us back into a healthier relationship with our bodies.


Phone:         (44) 7714 333418

Working in: London, Surrey & West Sussex 

Q: What's it like having a Conscious Connected Breath session out in the Forest?  

A: Magical. Here's one perspective on the experience

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