Bamford Haybarn Spa workshop Brompton Cross, London


I'm running a workshop at the gorgeous Bamford Haybarn Spa, Brompton Cross, London tomorrow, giving a short introduction to the workings and benefits of Breathwork and then it’s into the breathing session. The details are as follows:

About the workshop

Breathwork helps you towards optimum mental health, emotional clarity and experience an ever-deepening relationship with yourself and others. It’s the means by which we can embark upon the ultimate journey: the one where we discover who we really are. It can also facilitate the growth needed in order for us to transform into who we’re capable of becoming.

Justine will give a short introduction to the workings and benefits of Breathwork, then it’s into the breathing session. You'll lie on your back (or for those with any heart or respiratory issues, in a semi-elevated position) and the whole group will breathe together.

Benefits of the workshop:

  • Become aware of emotions halting your personal growth

  • Let go of emotional baggage permanently and easily

  • Move beyond whatever is standing between you and your happiness

  • More self-confidence

A stronger connection with yourself and others and people often find that those around them will also feel the effects, such as improved relationships.

I hope to see some of you there.

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