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Breath & Motion: The Soho Series of workshops from July

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Following the success of our Pause micro retreats in Cambridge, I’m excited to announce that incredible somatic bodyworker Shaun Brooking and I will be hosting a new series of workshops - this time in London. Called Breath & Motion – The Soho Series, there are 4 workshops, with each taking place on Thursdays 6-9pm at 75 Dean Street in Soho, London About 75 Dean Street, Soho

The building at No.75 has such a rich history that I wanted to share some of it with you as I feel hugely lucky to be invited to host our sessions from here.

Part of the building that now stands at no. 75 Dean St was notable as one of the finest and least altered of Soho's early eighteenth-century houses and for that reason, its history has been fairly well recorded. In recent times it was used as a TV studio owned by Trilion, one of the most successful music studios in London, who produced well-known pop videos and live shows from here, as well as shows for Sky hosted by Tony Blackburn. It was also used around this time as an orchestral recording studio. But for many years now, it’s been used by Warner Bros, and contains some of the most sophisticated post production facilities in the world. Our Thursday session workshops will take place in Studio 1 – one of the many soundproof studios used by Warner Brothers for recording sound for their Hollywood blockbuster films. The sound in that room (or lack of) is something else! Near Studio 1, is a corridor known as the George Clooney corridor, as he used it to secretly get in and out of the building with no one seeing him! About these sessions The Benefits:

These are small group sessions where you'll be given individual attention and guidance. You’ll leave with more vitality, clarity, feel more relaxed, less stressed, and importantly, with the tools to maintain it all afterwards. You’ll be guided through explorative somatic body movements and learn how to tune deeply into your physical, emotional and spiritual self via your breath. Conscious Connected Breathing has been called a 'detox for every level of your being' for good reason. These Thursday sessions are for you if you’re curious about exploring the deep healing powerhouse and intelligence that is your body. Who it's for? -You want to find ease of movement, without the effort. - You feel over stressed, overwhelmed, tired and want to reset your sleep rhythms. - You have a foggy mind and seek more clarity. - You struggle to switch off and slow down. - You've found that most Breathwork out there creates more anxiety than relaxation and want to learn a technique that will take you towards optimum physical health, emotional clarity and a deeper connection with yourself.

What they say..

"From this Breathwork session I learned that stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things isn't that scary when I feel well guided and supported. This experience gave me the courage to keep on going new places, trying new things and being open to change." "Justine is an amazing facilitator and teacher. It was such a transformative experience for me. I enjoyed every moment and I learned a lot! Totally recommend!" "That was an AMAZING experience! I don't think I expressed that enough. Everything was outstanding. Shaun and Justine created a safe environment for everyone to let go of our resistance, feel all the feels and embrace change. That session definitely unlocked something within me, and I left feeling transformed and willing to try new things" “In essence, I feel the gift of your breathwork keeps us all connected to something bigger and if that is the gift , then that really is a treasure chest of magic for us all to experience. You are a wonder woman as I have always known.”

To book The block of 4 sessions click here

Thursday Jul 27th 6-9pm - to book click here Thursday Aug 31st 6-9pm - to book click here Thursday Sep 28th 6-9pm - to book click here Thursday Oct 26th 6-9pm - to book click here


Each session is £85 per person for 3 hours, but we’d encourage you to book all 4 to really feel and notice tangible, cumulative benefits and improvements in your physical and emotional body, as well as to feel more confident in continuing a self-practice at home. Booking 4 is £299, which brings each session cost down to £75. You’ll also receive a free 30-minute guided Breathwork audio from me if you book 4, as a commitment bonus from us.

Places limited to a maximum of 8 people per session to provide a far more intimate experience.

I hope to see some of you there,

With love, Justine x

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