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What to expect from a breath session - a personal account

There's so much help out there nowadays when it comes to physical and emotional health, isn't there? An amazing array of wonderful and talented folk enthusiastically sharing their wisdom and knowledge in order help others on their journey to optimal health - whether that be a curiosity or a real need. Sometimes I remember to ask people who to come to breathe with me what their experience felt like and how they might explain it to another. I've recently had two written accounts of this and the lady who wrote these after two separate sessions with me has kindly given permission to share them in case it's helpful to you in making a decision on whether to try a WonderBreath session for yourself. So then, here is the first. This lady is one of the kindest, most open, most heartfelt people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. She runs a charity helping young girls in Nepal to have a better life.

This was my second session with Justine and I must admit I was excited as well as a bit nervous.

Justine creates a very calm atmosphere by checking in with me and explaining the process which could otherwise have been challenging when connecting virtually. Justine guided me to connect deeply with myself with a wonderful meditation. I suddenly had a lot of energy and was really fidgety and kept moving my legs and arms. I was so restless.

When started the session, Justine’s instructions were very clear to follow. The breath work flowed and my legs kept moving. Justine’s reassuring voice was very soothing. I felt joy and sadness at the same time. The emotions of not able to see family and friends over Christmas and new year was making me sad. The lockdown and grieving for my brother was having a big impact and overwhelming me, but the breath work and Justine’s voice reminded me of all the positive things I have in my life and grateful for. This really helped!

Justine very kindly offered to do a grounding process at the end of the breath session which was simply amazing. I had so much energy and wanted to dance! Justine suggested that I should put some loud music and dance. I most certainly did that and felt great. I continued to have a lot of energy and was able to embrace the next few days of celebrations with a quiet joy. I'm so grateful for this time with you once again.

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